WDAM Viewpoint- Fully fund MAEP

School hallways in the Pine Belt are buzzing with foot traffic. Students, teachers, administrators and superintendents will have their work cut out for them.  We should all take the time to applaud them for their dedication. It is not an easy task with shrinking budgets and new requirements that say more must be done with less.

That's why advocates of public education should rally together to get lawmakers to do what they promised.  A promise to fully fund public education and stop cutting the Mississippi Adequate Education Program.  Investing in public education is an investment in our children and our future.

Mississippi has one of the highest dropout rates in the nation.  Annually, 10,000 students leave our schools and it is costing all of us.

The price tag is over $450 million a year in lost revenue, incarcerations and public assistance. Governor Phil Bryant has initiatives to move the state's education system from the bottom of the list, but to ensure a quality education for all children we need everyone on the bus.

We cannot continue to talk about what should be done, we need to just do it, and pay for it, if we expect the culture of education in this state to change for the better.

I am Joe Sciortino and this is today's Viewpoint.