Video Exclusive: HPD officers disciplined for "inappropriate" actions

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Note: If you would like to view this video on a mobile device, click on the video tab on our mobile app.

Dash cam video from a Hattiesburg police car has left some officers in hot water. The incident happened in February when a motorist lost control of their vehicle and crashed into a police car.

It happened on Main Street near downtown. After the crash, an officer from another patrol car pulls out a gun and orders the driver and one of his passengers out of the car and to the ground. Both eventually get out of the car and do just that. They lay on the ground for about a minute before they're handcuffed. According to the video, neither appears to be resisting. Once the officer cuffs both suspects that's when he kicks the driver and appears to trip. That's soon followed by some finger pointing and choice words. The officer then pulls out what appears to be some type of pepper spray and sprays the suspect, still in cuffs, in the face. The suspect is then picked up and dragged. That's when you can see him trying to use his shirt to wipe his eyes before being picked up and taken off. About a minute later, a female passenger in the car is finally brought out. Not appearing to resist, she gets slammed against the car and put in cuffs by another officer. She's then put face down on the ground.

Because of what plays out in the video, a spokesman for HPD confirms disciplinary measures were taken against the officers for inappropriate actions. Since it was a personnel matter, what those actions are aren't being released. The department would not release a crash report, claiming it didn't fall under public record. A statement from HPD about the case doesn't even indicate what the charges were, if any, or whether any of the suspects filed a complaint against the department or any of the officers.

The driver of the police car that was hit, but never got out. HPD confirms he did receive minor injuries.

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