USM reacts to tough loss

Fans head for the exits during the 22-15 loss to Texas State.
Fans head for the exits during the 22-15 loss to Texas State.


It's not only the number of first downs that Texas State made in their win against the Golden Eagles, but of course the number of consecutive losses for the USM football program.

"You know in this life you get what you deserve and we deserved that loss."

Those were the first words out of head coach Todd Monken's mouth after a disappointing 22-15 loss to the Texas State Bobcats.

"Can't drop footballs. Cant turn it over. You're not going to win. I don't care what level you're at. When you start off with turning the ball over."

Even with just 23 yards on the ground the USM offense out gained the Bobcats by close to 200 yards, a testament to a black and gold defense that stayed on the field for more than half of the game.

"Our defense dominated that game. Obviously at the end giving up that big 3rd down. I mean did we have a chance to finish, of course we did," Monken said after the game.

Senior linebacker Dylan Reda agreed.

"I thought that we always were in it and then we got the lead. I felt the momentum was shifting and even though they were getting turnovers we knew we could go out there and stop them and get 3 and outs."

Fellow senior linebacker Alan Howze felt the weight of the loss as well.

"One minute we're about to win this game. This is for us right here. We got it in our hand and then next minute it kind of slips away.

"So it's just one of those. It's the game you know. It's just part of the game."

And with defeat still fresh on their minds, coach Monken said the goal to get that first win since 2011 still remains.

"This wont define us. Whether we won or lost. We've got to look at the film and take it and move on to Nebraska."

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