Waynesboro Police chief resigns

Richard Johnson, mayor of the city of Waynesboro, called a board of aldermen meeting Tuesday night to discuss the resignation of the Waynesboro police chief of more than three years James Bunch.

The Waynesboro Board of Aldermen deliberated Bunch's resignation for more than an hour and a half before accepting the resignation.

According to Alderman at Large Mary Joyce Howard Davis, each member took a vote on whether to accept or deny the resignation.

When the meeting ended, Mayor Johnson, who refused to appear on camera, said former Police Chief Bunch willfully resigned; however, Tammie Wilson, Alderwoman Ward 3, and Mary Joyce Howard Davis, Alderman at Large, said they voted against his resignation.

"I voted not to accept the resignation, because Chief Bunch is a great guy," Davis said.

"I feel that his resignation was forced, rather than voluntarily done. I could not vote to accept his resignation for those reasons."

She went on to say she doesn't cater to "special interest groups," referring to some current members of the Waynesboro Board of Aldermen.

After the discussion about Bunch's resignation, it was announced that federal funding of the Clarke, Green and Wayne County Narcotics Task Force could be de funded.

After a heated discussion between Task Force Commander Brent Pursell and the municipal governing body, the council decided to call an executive session to further discuss what can be done to keep the task force afloat.

When the meeting ended, Mayor Johnson said no plans to cut the funding have been made by the city; however, he said a decision will be made by the time the cutoff goes into effect on September 30.