Residents rush to register on time for Hattiesburg election

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - It's been a busy week for the Forrest County Circuit Clerk's office. 

"We always have people to register prior to an election, but I think it's been a little more, it's been busier this time," said Forrest County Circuit Clerk, Lou Ellen Adams.

Since August 16 the Circuit Clerk's office has received at least 100 voter registrations a day, some days even 200, Friday they had more than 300.

"Twelve hundred and eighty five and that's from last Friday to now," said Adams. "There are some that are still at the city, what they've done this morning we don't have them."

For those who weren't able to register by 12 p.m. Saturday, will not be able to vote in Hattiesburg's special election. Many residents definitely rushed last minute to get their registrations turned in on time.

"I think they were nine minutes left until they stop taking registrations," said resident Carley Alexander. "Somebody emailed me last night and said tomorrow's the last day, and so I ran up here to turn it in."

"I got here on time; all I can say is thank you Jesus that I did it," said resident Carrvenna Maddox. "Everybody is able to vote now so I just thank God for that."

One resident was even lucky enough to walk in a minute after 12 p.m.

"She was coming to lock the doors as I was walking in," said resident Chris Nickell. "Luckily I was able to get in in time. I would have been disappointed if I wouldn't have been able to have voted come election day, but it's a new point now so luckily we made it."

After 12:01 p.m. no one else was able to walk into the Forrest County Circuit Court or even register.

For those who registered on time, Hattiesburg's special election is scheduled for September 24. For those who mailed their registration form, as long as it was postmarked by August 24, then you too can take part in the election.

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