Authorities seize thousands in cash and drugs in Waynesboro

WAYNESBORO, MS (WDAM) - The South Mississippi Narcotics Task Force along with the Waynesboro Police Department seized $9,031 and nearly $12,000 in drug paraphernalia Thursday.

"Yesterday approximately nine thirty in the morning South Mississippi Narcotics and Waynesboro Police Department executed a traffic stop on a white Acura driven by Magen Alexander and the passenger was Jeremy Lovell," said South Mississippi Narcotics Task Force Commander, Brent Pursell. "Inside the vehicle we discovered approximately four and a half ounces of methamphetamine ice, approximately a hundred and one Xanax, Ten thousand dollars cash and the street value of all the narcotics total was approximately twelve thousand dollars. Under the hood was also a loaded 9 millimeter Hi-Point pistol."

The task force also seized more illegal drugs Thursday night.

"Last night we received information that subjects from the state line Mississippi area had gone over to Louisiana to purchase pseudoephedrine because they can go to Louisiana and purchase it without a prescription," said Pursell. "Agents from South Mississippi Narcotics and Greene County Sheriff Department executed a traffic stop, on the traffic stop we did discover the pseudoephedrine that they had purchased in Louisiana, lithium batteries and lighter fluid. At that time we got the individual to sign consent for his residence, went back to his residence and recovered some drug paraphernalia and some more chemicals at the residence. We also seized approximately ten firearms."

Additional drugs were also seized Wednesday.

"We set up a checkpoint with the Greene County Sheriff Department," said Pursell. "The individuals we expected to be cooking methamphetamine came through the checkpoint. We consensual search the vehicle, found some methamphetamine and some drug paraphernalia. Agents walked back up the road and discovered where they had thrown bags of marijuana and precursor chemicals out the window."

The task force arrested three subjects, Damien Johnston, Corey Mclain, and Rodney Hattenstein.  They are detained in the Greene County jail, and bonds are scheduled to be set Thursday.

According to Major Greg Lea, East Mississippi Narcotics Drug Task Force in Meridian followed up with information on Jeremy Lovell and seized needles, drug paraphernalia, computers and documents from his hotel room. Lovell is a suspect they have been interested in since he has been selling narcotics in the area.

Commander Brent Pursell said the community has really helped with tips and suggests drug dealers might as well give up now.

"We do have several individuals inside of Wayne County, City of Waynesboro and Clarke County, actually all three counties we do have numerous cell cases and we will be rounding up those individuals up shortly," said Pursell.

If you have a tip, you are asked to contact any Sheriff or Police Department.

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