Hattiesburg candidate explains his support for Dave Ware

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - After spending $12,000 on the initial election and only receiving 94 votes, one Hattiesburg mayoral candidate has decided to drop out of the special election.

Reverend Nathan Jordan says he chooses not to support who he describes as "a lame duck mayor" and he has decided to support candidate Dave Ware.

"Dave Ware would be the only one to move this community forward at this time, our present mayor cannot gain enough votes," said Jordan.  "It has nothing to do with color."

As for Wednesdays City Council meeting, Jordan said it was disgraceful, distasteful and shameful. He also made a comment on Reverend Dennis Henderson's remark, "Reverend Nathan Jordan has been white forever."

"I invite everybody to pray for that young man," said Jordan. "Sometimes people just, you know, don't take their medicine and just quick to say things, so but we want to deal with this after the election. Right now the priority is getting a new mayor and that mayor is to be Dave Ware"

Regardless of who he is supporting, Jordan encourages everyone who can, to take part in the special election.

"If you believe in what you believe that's your business, but please come out and vote," said Jordan.

Along with Rev. Nathan Jordan, former independent candidate Clyde Stewart has also turned in his notice to Hattiesburg City Clerk's office and he too will not be running for mayor.

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