Some Lamar County residents eligible to vote in Hattiesburg special election

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Forrest County Circuit Clerk's office has registered at least 100 residents a day, more than 200 on Wednesday, and that number does not include residents who have registered at City Hall.

"You always have an influx prior to an election, but this is rather brisk, this is rather brisk," said Forrest County Circuit Clerk, Lou Ellen Adams.

The Circuit Clerk's office along with City Hall has been busy these past four days since a deadline for registration is near.

"Saturday at noon is the last time to register to vote in the September 24 election," said Adams.

Mailed voter registrations must be received by Saturday also.

While many have registered to vote, others are still confused on whether or not they can vote, especially residents who live in Lamar County.

"Those who are within the city limits of Hattiesburg and live in Lamar County, they would be eligible to vote in this election," said Adams.

If you have any questions, you can always contact the City Clerk's office and see if you are within the Hattiesburg city limits. For now, if you want to take part in the special election, you must register on time.

"Just be sure and remember this Saturday noon deadline, and I will be open till noon Saturday and so will City Hall," said Adams.

Hattiesburg City Clerk Eddie Myers, who has already announced his resignation, suggests Lamar County residents call their Circuit Clerk to see if they are within city limits and are eligible to vote. Lamar County residents can also contact their tax collector and ask if they are paying city taxes. 

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