Hattiesburg Tea Party members protest at Palazzo's office

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Around 30 people protested Tuesday outside of their congressman's local office in Hattiesburg.

The Hattiesburg Tea Party rallied in front of Congressman Steven Palazzo's office after learning the congressman had not scheduled any town hall meetings with constituents during his August recess, said protestors.

"Someone needs to listen to the will of the people," said Tea Party member Ron Vincent. "Somebody needs to listen to the people he represents."

The group recently held its own town hall style meeting, asking each other questions they had for Congressman Palazzo. The questions ranged from health care reform to the economy to immigration.

"I want to ask why he keeps avoiding small business owners here in Mississippi," said rally participant Carlos Molina. "I'm a Hispanic individual that has several key issues that I feel very passionate about, and I feel that it's very important that he holds town hall meetings to make sure that all of his constituents are heard."

Congressman Palazzo's office said there are no town hall meetings scheduled at this time.

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