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Alternate uses for plastic pant hangers

It's time to think twice about throwing away those old plastic pant hangers in your closet. Our organizing expert Zorianna Kit has some clever ideas on how to re-purpose them for other uses around your house.

"First, old plastic pant hangers can be made into bag clips," says Zorianna, "In order to do this simply break off the two clamp ends of the plastic pants hangers, then use sturdy scissors to trim any sharp edges off the clips. Each hanger will result in two clips, and save you the $5 or $6 you would have spent buying store bought bag clips."

Another great use for old plastic pants hangers is to create a free hanging recipe holder. To do this just clamp your cookbook or magazine recipe into the pants hanger clamps and hangs it on a kitchen cabinet knob. 

Zorianna also says you can create a portable kitchen calendar holder. Repurposed wooden pants hangers can become a calendar holder by simply placing a 12-month flip calendar between the clamps. It can then be hung on a cabinet knob, drawer pull or wall hook. This innovative tip also avoids the usual wear and tear the hole at the top of the calendar goes through as the months go by. Just flip a page, re-clamp and re-hang.

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