WDAM Viewpoint- Your vote matters

On Thursday, Judge William Coleman declared a special election must be held to determine the true will of the people in regards to who will be the next Hattiesburg mayor.

I would like to praise both incumbent Johnny DuPree and Dave Ware for both taking the high road and expressing their desires to move forward. This historic event has gained national attention. For a while, it appeared as a dark cloud over this fair city, causing some to characterize this as a race issue and others to question how absentee ballots should be handled and some to look outside our local system for oversight.  What this event has surely done is shed light on how important and pivotal your vote - one vote can be. And so the call goes back to the people, where this decision truly belongs.

With voter turnout in the June election at only 37 percent, this special election gives everyone a chance to count. We ask those eligible; don't miss this rare second chance to stand, to vote, and to be counted.

I am Joe Sciortino and this is today's viewpoint.