Gov. Phil Bryant setting date for Hattiesburg mayoral election

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The governor of Mississippi weighed in on Thursday concerning the upcoming special election for mayor.

Governor Phil Bryant says he is waiting to receive the order from Judge Coleman before setting a date for the special election. He said on Thursday, "We should receive the order by day's end, or by tomorrow, then we will begin to sit down and take into consideration the voting patterns and try our best to set that election."

The governor added that he will make sure the law is followed during the next election.

"We'll look carefully at what the law says, and I'll be issuing an order and setting that election in the near future," Bryant added.

The City Council of Hattiesburg wrote on Thursday, "In our opinion, the only way to regain the trust of the City of Hattiesburg voters is to conduct the special election without input or assistance of any City of Hattiesburg personnel, or of any members of the most recent election commission. In addition, we consider it appropriate to request that on the day of the special election, the Secretary of State assign monitors to each precinct to observe the voting, and to ensure that all election processes are conducted according to the law."

Shortly after that statement was released, Ward 2 city councilwoman Deborah Delgado released her own statement, in contrast to Hattiesburg City council's statement. Her statement reads, in part:

"This afternoon, I was presented a statement purported to be from the Council for my review.  I read it on the spot and advised the Clerk of the Council that I did not agree with the statement. I advised that if the statement went out as it existed that I would issue my own statement. She advised the President of the Council of my position and the President ordered the statement issued as it had been pinned.  No effort was made to truthfully reveal my objection to the statement."

Even with her dissenting opinion, council members plan to make their request to the Office of the Governor, and the Office of the Secretary of State.

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