Hattiesburg mother pickets outside White House alone

A Hattiesburg mother who says she could not find justice for her son here in Hattiesburg was in Washington DC on Wednesday, picketing by herself outside of the White House.

Deborah Smith and her husband weren't even halfway to their spring break vacation when she received a phone call that her drug addict son's door was kicked in by the 12th Judicial District Narcotics Enforcement Team, which is comprised of officers from Perry County and Forrest Counties, along with Hattiesburg and Petal.

Deborah smith says her son was arrested in April on drug sale and possession drug charges, then attacked by the narcotics team.

"He was beaten and kicked in the head by seven officers," Smith said.

Smith says her son now fears for his life.

"He called and said three gang members were messing with him," she said. "I called the Sergeant, and he said they would take care of it."

We received a call Wednesday morning from a former news reporter visiting Washington, who saw Deborah Smith holding a sign calling for President Obama to help her.

"I want my son to get justice for what happened to him. He is a bright young man," she said.

Smith says her 33 year old son Franklin is intellectually challenged, and battles drug addiction. She says he's battled drug addiction for years.

"I've helped my son since he was 13 when we found out he had this problem," Smith said. "I keep talking to him every day, and I keep him grounded."

She added that police say they're going to keep him in jail for life, if Franklin Phillip doesn't give them leads for drug arrests.

"I just want my son out of harm's way," she said.

Seven on Your Side has tried contacting the commanders in charge of the 12th Judicial District Narcotics Enforcement Team, yet received no response so far.