A messy and expensive sewage situation in Columbia is close to being resolved.

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - A messy sewage situation in Columbia is close to being resolved according to Mayor Robert Bourne.

For anyone passing Duckworth Park or Citizens Bank off of Highway 98, you've probably noticed a myriad of pumps, pipes, and hoses. A couple of months back a lift station used to maintain sewer line pressure failed. The failure was caused by a broken pipe that swept up ground water and sand causing the pump to fail. The city of Columbia declared an emergency procurement plan and contracted companies to work around the clock to bypass the broken pipe. Engineers used a pipe liner that when cured hardens into new pipe for the fix.

Mayor Bourne said, "We took action right away to move on an emergency situation, because the situation was not improving. It was getting worse. We also discovered then today a good bit of ground water going into the lift station itself, so now is the time to fix that." Bourne says the pipe-lining and re-piping project should be complete, however the lift station will need to be lined at an added expense. Once complete, this should fix the problem for the next 25 to 30 years. The cost of the emergency project so far is around $300,000, however there will be more expensive with the repairs to the lift station itself.