Senator proposal may increase gas taxes to help fund Mississippi roads

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Mississippi's gas prices have increased since July, and residents may potentially see another increase.

At the state capital on Thursday, State Senator Willie Simmons proposed to raise $7-million to fund highways and bridge maintenance.

Simmons solution to continue funding the many road projects results in increasing gas taxes, which could raise resident gas prices eight to ten cents per gallon.

State Senator Joey Fillingane does not agree with the proposal and says residents should not have to pay more than the eighteen cents they already pay for state gas taxes.

"Putting an additional seven or eight hundred million dollars of additional gas taxes on the citizens of our state at this time when the economy is what it is and everyone's having a hard time already I think it's the wrong approach," said Fillingane.

Fillingane is part of the transportation study committee and said so far this has been the only proposal. He hopes there will be better solutions to help fund the road projects.

If additional funding isn't raised, Fillingane said many road projects may be pushed back for a few years.

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