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Collins Fire Department responds to accident thanks to specialized response equipment

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Seminary Fire Department along with several other local fire stations responded to the call of an overturned gas truck on Highway 49 on Saturday.

After realizing that the tanker truck contained 8,700 gallons of fuel, the Collins Fire Department was then called in for aid.

Collins used their foam attack trailer to keep fumes from igniting. Chief John Pope says the fire department would not have specialized response equipment if it wasn't for all the grants and donations they've received from their partnerships.

“Since December of two thousand and twelve until this date, probably around half a million dollars in specialized equipment and training benefits have been provided to the City of Collins Fire Department,” said Pope.

Without their pipeline partners, Chief John Pope says the Collins Fire Department would not be able to provide the services that they do now.

“It gives me a strong sense of pride knowing that we have such strong partnerships,” said Pope.

In the last few years, Pope says they have received close to $2-million in donations and grants.

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