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Some fall victim to scams in Lumberton

Over the past month several Lumberton citizens have fallen prey to various money scams and Lumberton Police say many scams target the elderly.


"If it sounds too good to be true it's definitely not true" says Guy Serrin with the Lumberton Police Department. Quite a few folks in the community have been dooped by various scams. "There has been several instances where people have called over the phone and said that your name has come up in a drawing and say if you send me x amount of dollars I'd be happy to make you a millionaire. "Most recently the bank notified the police department they believed one of their elderly customers was being scammed. The man had already sent $3,500 to a fraudulent outfit. Officers showed up just in time to keep the man from sending another $4,000 to scammers."They do prey a lot on the elderly the senior citizens," Serrin says. Another recent scam is when folks receive what appears to be a legitimate check in mail, then cash that check. Once the check is realized to be fraudulent the victim who cashed the check is liable for the money and may even go to jail. They would send like checks through the mail and say if you send me x amount of dollars I'll send you this money, which it's all a scam." Serrin says anytime anyone asks for money or personal information over the phone it should be a red flag that you are being scammed. If you receive money via a check through the mail that you're not expecting, it's a scam. "Don't give any personal information on the telephone. Definitely don't give your credit card or social security number."


If you feel you've fallen victim to a scam please contact your local law enforcement. 

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