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Hosemann travels the state educating on Voter ID law

Mississippi's Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann is traveling county to county to educate officials on the new Voter ID Law.

The U.S. Supreme Court decided in June that Mississippi no longer requires the Department of Justice to pre-clear changes in voting laws. People in Mississippi voted in favor of requiring voters to display state issued identification by 62% last year. Hosemann addressed many of the concerns Mississippians had with the Voter ID debate. MDOT will provide free transportation to those without a way to the polls, and ID's will be provided to those who need them to vote free of charge. The hope for the Voter ID Law is to cut down on fraud and streamline the voting process. 

Hosemann says "Well, we want people to be alive when they cast their ballot, and be in the right precinct and voting for the right alderman, the right mayor, or the right supervisor. All of those things come out of your ID. So, I think most of the people, we had a poll of course during the last election when President Obama ran against Governor Romney, and 99% of Mississippians have an ID. So, I think it will be very little inconvenience. In fact, it may help the voting process." Hosemann says he will travel the state over the next 6 months to help implement the new law for the over 400 election commissioners, 82 circuit clerks, and host of poll workers. The first election requiring ID's at the polls is the Senate and Congressional Primaries next June.

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