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City of Ellisville demolishes animal holding facility, city exploring options

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After a week filled with controversy over their city run animal holding facility, city officials had the building demolished Tuesday morning.

The city had come under scrutiny in the past week for alleged sub-standard conditions in the facility to include rusted cages, unsanitary conditions, no air conditioning, and lack of proper ventilation.

When picked up by the city, the animals were held in the facility for five-days as required by the state. They were then taken to the Ellisville Animal Medical Center.

Dr. Kimberly Martin says most of the animals that were taken to the clinic were adopted out or taken in by herself and her staff. The only animals that were euthanized were dogs that bite and wild cats. She said that the cost of caring for the animals came her pocket.

Mayor Tim Waldrup said he and Board of Alderman have not yet decided how to proceed. He says they will be going out into the community to meet with their constituents to get a feel for what they want. Waldrup added they are looking to come up with a solution in the next couple of months.

Local resident Melissa Johnson felt moved to go to the facility Tuesday and place a wreath to remember all the animals that had spent time in there.

"It's a happy moment and it's a sad moment at the same time because there's still no justice for those who have already been through there," said Johnson. "I would love to see a bigger building with a yard for them to run and play and caretakers who actually have a heart for the animals."

The wreath was donated by Bouquets Unlimited in Ellisville.

A recently formed group in the Jones County area, Southern Cross Animal Rescue, has offered their assistance to the city. They say they intend to build a shelter in or near Ellisville because that's where they see the greatest need. They have spoken with the mayor and board and say even if the city does not support them financially they still intend to build.

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