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Heavy Rains makes homes into Islands

Eastlake - Eastlake City Crews used a gas powered pump to suck out the water that's surrounding several homes along the Chagrin River.

Jeff Grieco came home from his summer vacation only to find he couldn't drive or even walk to his front door. He would have to wade there.  

"You were walking through thigh deep water to get to your house?' Yeah, thigh deep. So, it's not so bad now! That's how I look at it," says Grieco.

Grieco's house like several others in Eastlake was flooded.

"I got chest deep water in my basement. 'Is everything ruined down there?' Furnace was totally underwater, washer dryer, hot water tank, etc. etc," says Grieco.

Houses became their own islands along Lakeshore Boulevard.

"We had five inches of rain. So, that's a lot of rain in a couple of hours - no place for it to go when it comes down that fast," says Mike Semik, Eastlake's Service Director.

In nearby Euclid, heavy rains weren't surrounding houses in water, but basements like Darlene Foreman's were covered in a murky mess.

Foreman even broke out her video camera to capture the chaos.

"I opened up the kitchen door, and I heard this swoosh, swoosh, and I came down and water was gushing out of the toilet, shower and out the drain," describes Foreman.  

Luckily, the waters seemed to recede quickly. But now comes the overwhelming task of cleaning up and moving forward.

"I don't know what to do from here. I don't know what to do," says Foreman with a sigh.

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