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Man’s best friend proves to be true life saver for Hattiesburg resident


On Tuesday night, parents of 11-year-old Shelby Young noticed the unusual behavior of their german shepherd named Ransom.

When he kept going back and forth into the young girls room, Kim and Justin Young then decided to check Shelby’s sugar level and found out it was very low.

 A little cake icing brought Shelby’s sugar level back up, but parents of the young girl say if it wasn't for Ransom, their daughter who was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes could have ended up back in the hospital or even in a coma.

 “Had it not been for Ransom, his olfactory glands, and him sensing it, untrained which is the most phenomenal part of this he's not trained to do this, we would have been in trouble,” said mother, Kim Young. “We would have been back at the hospital, so as new t1 parents we are so grateful that we have him, it's just a blessing from God."

Turning a negative situation into a positive one, a scholarship fund will be started to help train dogs to become service dogs for children with diabetes.

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