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WDAM Viewpoint- Open Carry Law

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Today a Hinds county circuit judge made permanent his injunction on Mississippi's recently passed open-carry weapons law that allows people to openly carry guns on their person without a permit.  Feelings among law enforcement officials are mixed. However, some law enforcement entities are refusing to honor this injunction unless told otherwise by the supreme court.  Two nearby county sheriff's department that are among those not recognizing the injunction are Pearl River and Marion.  Supporters say it clarifies that people in Mississippi don't need any kind of state-issued permit to carry a gun that is not concealed.  No doubt this will end up being decided by the supreme court.  From where I stand it is a complex matter.  The second amendment gives us the right to keep and bear arms.  I am an avid supporter of that right and a gun owner and shooter.  I was also raised behind a bar counter where alcohol was served and have seen first hand how a little too much Dutch courage can cause tempers to flare and fists to fly.  I hate to think what would have happened if these same people had guns strapped to their hips. So while I have mixed feelings about this law…and I'm not a lawyer…it is my opinion that the state supreme court should have the final say and not have the judge in one county legislate for the entire state. 

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