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Hattiesburg resident warns about Publishers Clearing House scam

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Every day thousands of Americans receive sweepstakes offers, but not all of them are legitimate. Hattiesburg resident Dr. Ben Carmichael learned that lesson the hard way.

"On about the twenty-third of June I received a letter on stationery that looked like it had a Publishers Clearing House letterhead," said Dr. Carmichael. "It was advising me that I had won a third place price in the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes in the amount of about $650,000.

Dr. Carmichael then called the number on the stationery and after speaking to someone who sounded very convincing; he decided to send them a certain amount of money to receive his reward in return.

"I sent them a little less than $10,000," said Dr. Carmichael.

After keeping in touch with them for a few days and after further researching online, Dr. Carmichael realized he was being scammed and the letter was never actually sent from the company itself.

"There's so many scams going on out there and so many people out to steal from you," said Dr. Carmichael. "I just fell victim to this and I sure don't want anyone else to. It's embarrassing to admit that I was that gullible and yet it's worth talking about in order to try to prevent other people from being scammed in the same way."

Don't be a victim; if it's asking for money, then it's likely a scam.

According to Publishers Clearing House, they don't send out letters or pre-announce winners.

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