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The importance of blood donation

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There are citizens right here in the City of Hattiesburg who need your help. Did you know that every two seconds, someone is in desperate need of blood? WDAM is dedicating the month of July to blood donation.

The phones at United Blood Services in Hattiesburg were ringing off the hook today as nurses scrambled to provide blood to area hospitals, but there simply wasn't enough.

Kristi Womack, donor recruiter at United Blood Services answers the biggest question most people have... Does it hurt?

"No, it does not hurt. It's just a small pinch," Womack said.

"Unfortunately, we've got patients in our local hospitals that don't have a lot of family and friends around, so you know we like for people to come out and give blood."

As far as blood types go, O Negative is the universal blood type, which means O Negative blood can go to any patient in need of blood.

According to Kristi, people feel motivated to give blood when tragedy strikes. That's the case with Amanda Jones.

"I started giving blood back in 2009 when my sister was diagnosed with cancer," Jones said.

"I just wanted to see if I could help give blood, so I began donating plasma."

She pays tribute to her sister who died in 2010.

"I just come in and give blood anytime I can," Jones said. "As long as I'm able to give it, I'm here to give."