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Milk Bank Depot Comes to Forrest General


Breast feeding mothers can now help babies in the NICU at Forrest General Hospital.

The Milk Depot- a division of the Mother's Milk Bank at Austin- is collecting breast milk donations for infant patients in critical need.

"We have approximately 250 babies admitted into the NICU each year," said Dr. Clint White, Neonatologist at Forrest General. "Since initiating the use of donor human milk in 2011, we have admitted approximately 570 babies and used approximately 9,500 ounces of donor milk."

The milk used at Forrest General is from Mother's Milk Bank in Austin, Texas, and the hospital also serves as a collection site for the organization.

Donors must go through a screening process before their milk is accepted. The breast milk at Forrest General is used primarily to prevent gut infections in babies in order to quickly reach full feedings. Prospective donors across the United States may call 1-877-813-6455 or contact Forrest General Lactation Department at 601-288-3763.

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