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Local youth group rebuilds hopes, homes

Emily Samford, grandmother of 8 and mother of 1, has lived in a dilapidated home ever since Hurricane Katrina hit the area in 2005. Her poor health conditions hindered her from rebuilding the house, so she prayed for a miracle. A friend of Samford's placed a phone call to Catholic Charities, and the rest is history.

"My friend is the one who recommended me for that, and it's really a surprise," Samford said.

"It's a blessing."

St. Thomas Aquinas high school students have helped her piece together not only her home, but the life she had once before.

The youth group members from St. Thomas might be young, but their maturity far exceeds the stereotype.

The teens spent the past four days working day and night since Tuesday repairing the roof, cleaning the house, and pressure washing. Friday was especially exciting for Emily's daughter, Emma.

Emma was in awe as she arrived on Friday to see her new home.

"It's amazing," Emma said.

The youth group not only repaired the house, but the back yard, too. Now, Emma has a place to play and do homework, and Emily has a place to call "home" for the first time in years.

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