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Thompson Creek blocked by barricades

A popular swimming hole in the Hintonville community of Perry County lacked its usual liveliness today. County supervisors recently put up two barricades on both sides of Thompson Creek's most popular swimming spot.

Neighbors are outraged they can't drive down to the swimming spot that's been a crowd favorite for decades.

Over a hundred people turned out at Thompson Creek on Memorial Day. A few days later, the entrances were blocked off by county supervisors with barricades.

Melvin Holliman, a Hintonville business owner, is outraged with the new barricades. He says his business operations have suffered ever since.

"It's a pretty place. They (creek goers) come down here and help with my business, but, see, since the creek has been closed off, I can hardly make anything now," Holliman said.

"I've invested all my time in this business."

He blames county supervisors for the emptiness of Thompson Creek since Memorial Day weekend.

"What did we vote for them for if they can't help us? We're voting for the wrong people," Holliman said.

He speaks on behalf of his fellow community members.

"Everyone in this town is disappointed, but they don't say anything," Holliman said.

He also addresses a safety hazard.

"See, the barricades make it unsafe to park. People could drive their cars down and park (on the side of the creek) before the barricades were here. Now, people have to park on the road. People might get hit," Holliman said.

"Kids might get hit by cars."

Hintonville residents have swum in the creek for years, but it is privately owned property. Sheriff Jimmy Dale Smith says landowners approved of the barricades.

He also says the barricades were constructed as a result of numerous mishaps.

"They had a big get together out there Memorial Day weekend with about 100 people present," Sheriff Smith said.

"They dumped trash, and there was a big fight. This isn't to stop anyone from swimming in the creek."

Sheriff Smith also notes that people can still swim at the creek, as long as safety is in mind. He wants people to park as far off the road as possible, clean up messes, and to refrain from drinking and driving.

Smith also adds that being courteous to landowners is important.

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