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WDAM Viewpoint- Fireworks and Holiday Safety

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Independence day will be here Thursday of next week on July 4th, but you can bet the fireworks will start well before then.  That's why we are starting now to urge you to exercise caution and safety when using fireworks.  There is certainly nothing wrong with having a good time and fireworks can be a lot of fun.  But some are very powerful and anytime you mix fire and gunpowder there is always the possibility of unintended consequences.  So, by all means, celebrate Independence day and have a good time. But be careful on the roads, on the water, using fireworks and anything else that has the potential for harm.  Don't make this wonderful holiday a day of tragedy for anyone.  Be careful in the days leading up to it as well….we value our viewers and their safety.

I'm Jim Cameron…let us know what's on your mind.