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Hattiesburg children attend summer camp at community center


Hattiesburg children are attending summer camp at the Danny Hinton Community Center.

District Four summer camp was created for Hattiesburg kids by Supervisor Roderick Woullard. The summer camp, and after school program, started when Hattiesburg Mayor, Johnny DuPree, took office in 2001.

Linda Bridges, supervisor of the camp, says it is a camp for children whose parents want their kids to be educationally involved over the summer. The kids learn how to perform activities such as arts and crafts, golf, and gardening.

This summer, the kids will learn about the elements of South African culture, such as dance, drums, music and architecture. The Pine Belt Master Gardeners paid the camp a visit on Monday where they installed two raised bed gardens for the kids to enjoy.

"It's important, because the kids don't know very much about gardening," Bridges said.

It's an opportunity for them to learn, and see where vegetables come from, as well as different fruits, flowers, and herbs."

Jaylen, who is a District Four camper, says camp is one of her favorite things.

"My favorite part is having fun and getting to experience things, such as arts and crafts."

Another camper echoes her enthusiasm.

"I love having fun at camp," Brittney, another camper, said.

The children will be in charge of caring for plants provided by the Pine Belt Master Gardeners throughout the duration of the summer.

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