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WDAM Viewpoint- Effects of Sequestration

This sequestration business our government has us in is beginning to hit close to home.  After 9/11 security was tightened all around the nation at military installations.  However, as we reported this week—due to sequestration the entrances to Camp Shelby south of Hattiesburg are unmanned.  The guard houses stand empty and we are talking about the nation's largest National Guard training center…used by the Army Reserve and Special Forces as well.   Forced Furloughs will take place this summer amounting to about 20% off the camp's payroll.  This not only weakens the camp and our national defense system…but our local economy.  If the administration and congress can't come to some reasonable terms—the nation could be harmed in any number of ways.  This at a time when we are trying to recover.  We have some good people in government.  We also have too many partisans and those with personal agendas playing power games that are bad for the country.  Makes you wish we could just through the bums out and…leave the good ones in…and start over. 

I'm Jim Cameron.  Let us know what you think.

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