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Hood answers questions about Open Carry Law

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There are many questions about Mississippi's new Open Carry Law, which goes into effect July 1. Attorney General Jim Hood answered some of those questions in an opinion issued Thursday afternoon.

"This new bill that was written, was poorly written. It created a lot of confusion," said Hood. "Y'all should try and go read that bill and try and understand what our legislature wrote."

Hood says there are some areas within the bill he believes are not clear.

"Where the gray begins to be and where it's just going to take time to develop is where municipalities for example, city halls, things like that, whether they are able to or not to adopt ordinances to prohibit or declare these places to be sensitive," said Hood.

Sensitive places meaning, you will not be able to openly carry a firearm inside. With that said, Hood points out there are parts of the bill that are very specific.

"You can't carry it on school property," said Hood. "You can't carry it in a private business, if that business owner posts a sign visible at least 10 feet away or they come up and orally tell you, get out of here with that gun. Then you could be charged with trespassing after being warned."

You will not be able to openly carry a firearm inside government buildings and in some cases public buildings such as a county courthouse. That will ultimately be determined by the sheriff in that county.

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