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Hattiesburg mayor discusses his staff, new public officials, the election


As Johnny DuPree plans his fourth term as the mayor of Hattiesburg, he is starting with appointing a new fire chief following the retirement of Chief David Webster.

"You know, it's going through the process of directorships, and who's going to be replacing people that have left like Chief Webster," DuPree said.

DuPree added that he does not plan on replacing Police Chief Frazier Bolton.

Despite the controversial election, DuPree does not think there is a divide among citizens. He also says the process works, and that he wants people to move on.

"It's an election process. It is the process, and in the process, there are people who will be victorious and some that will not be victorious. I hate to say this, but, you know, in my nine elections, I have not been victorious twice," DuPree said.

"It wasn't a good feeling at the end of the day when I didn't win, and when some of the people who wanted me to win didn't feel real good about the process, but you know what? They got over it. We get over it. I mean, that's what we do in America, that's what we do in Mississippi, we get over it."

He also responded to those who want change.

"And I wish… God knows I wish that I could provide everything that everybody wants, but that's not reality."

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