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Rock and Roll arrives to the Pine Belt


The Sound and Vision: Monumental Rock and Roll Photography exhibition has been traveling around the South for a little over a year now and has now made its last stop at the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art.

“This exhibition spans fifty years of Rock and Roll history, and it’s about twenty different photographers who have really captured some of the most iconic images of the Rock and Roll era,” said Lauren Rogers Museum of Art Executive Director, George Bassi.

The exhibit presents 40 large-scaled prints of the most notable musicians, song-writers and performers of the last half of the 20th century, but it wouldn't be a Rock and Roll exhibit if it didn't include one person.

“Of course, the king, which you know, you have to start with Elvis Presley,” said Bassi. 

Many residents stopped by the museum on Tuesday to not only view the exhibit, but to also listen to guest speaker, Sam Thompson.

“Sam was Elvis body guard for the last five years of his life and knew him intimately, was his best friend, so it was great to hear those personal comments from him,” said Bassi.

Along with being a body guard and close friend, Sam says at an age of 21, Elvis certainly gave him a jump start in life. Elvis not only bought him cars and a house, but also helped him with his education in some way.

“He put me through law school because I essentially sold a guitar that he gave me that paid for my last three years of law school,” said Thompson. “It certainly has shaped and influenced my life.”

Now more than thirty years later, Sam never thought he would be linked to Elvis, but he says he enjoys meeting people and talking about the true King of Rock and Roll 

“Elvis used to say it's hard to live up to an image, and it is, but I knew the guy with mustard on his pajamas, and that's the guy that I want to talk about,” said Thompson.
An opening reception will be held for the exhibition on June 20 at 5:30 p.m.  A lecture will be given by a noted Elvis expert, Chris Murray.

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