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Beating the Summer heat

With the end of the week temps inching toward 100 degrees Dr. Daniel Holland at Forrest General has a few tips to help you stay safe.

Summer sun related problems commonly seen in the E. R. range from sunburn to heat stroke. If you begin to feel weak or light headed, experience a racing heart beat, or stop sweating get out of the sun immediately. If symptoms persist it's an emergency. Tips to stay safe would be to plan your days. Bring drinks that replenish electrolytes, wear loose fitting, light colored, non-cotton clothing. Use common sense, if you get hot find shade and take a break.

Holland says, "Prevention would be the key word here. Make sure you do get some breaks. Get plenty of fluids if you start to feel bad get out of the sun and if you still feel bad come to the emergency room."

Dr. Holland says it's important to remember those who may not be able to care for themselves. Never leave children or pets in the car. Also, check on elderly neighbors and relatives who may be on fixed incomes or medications that increase heat risks.

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