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Big blasts as Jasper County forms a six man bomb search team

Major Thad Windham of the Jasper County Sheriff's Office says, "If you can go out and see it feel and put your hands on it your more apt to learn." The ATF and Clinton Police Department Bomb Squad descended upon Jasper County Friday to train local agencies in searching for explosives, "We are forming what we call a bomb search team."

Jasper County Sheriff Chris Sargent says, "We know what to look for and what to do. It's very important to be experienced." The six man team will respond to suspicious packages or devices in the area because the closest bomb teams in the state reside on the coast and in Jackson

 Sargent says, "That way we won't have to wait on anybody. It's very important that we have this training."

The morning began with hours of classroom training before instructors turned the bay springs airport into an ordinance range. Windham says, "As a law enforcement officer it wakes you up and lets you know this is what we could be dealing with."

 It's is part of Sheriff Sargent's new initiative to offer any and all training to his deputies to keep Jasper County ready for anything. And the sheriff invites any area law enforcement to join them in future training.

"Surrounding agencies that want to come are welcome to come. We just want to have training and be ready for what's to come." Major Windham says, "We are dedicated to the safety of Jasper County, the people of Jasper County. Sheriff Sargent has made that a priority."

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