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WDAM Viewpoint- D-Day

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On this day in history 69 years ago, one of the most significant military operations in the history of mankind began. June 6th, 1944 would see 156,000 British, Canadian and American fighting men along with over 5,000 ships cross the English Channel and land on the beaches of Normandy to establish a foothold against the Nazi menace. Codenamed "operation Overlord" but more commonly known as "D-Day," it is still the largest amphibious assault in history.

By 12:18 A.M. Local time, the first British and American paratroopers hit the ground behind the Normandy beach in order to secure bridges and key terrain that would greatly aid the main landing force. By 3 A.M., a massive bombardment began that saturated the beach and the areas behind it. The Normandy beach was separated into 5 different sectors invaded by several different groups of Allied forces...but nobody caught it harder than the American 1st Infantry Division at the Dog Green Sector of Omaha Beach. Many of the men who assaulted Omaha Beach never made it out of their Higgins boats before they were mowed down by machine-gun fire... 2,400 casualties were sustained there with most of them in the first hours of the attack.

D-Day would lead into the Battle of Normandy, the liberation of Paris and the eventual destruction of Nazi Germany. Today we should remember the sacrifices that all of the men who participated in D-Day made so they could secure a future of freedom for themselves and for us. If it had not been for the men at Normandy 69 years ago today, the world we know now would be a very different place.

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