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Anthony Hudson says he is ready to run Laurel

Anthony Hudson says he is ready to run Laurel


Anthony Hudson is a Laurel native. He was born in 1958. He is college graduate who says has a heart for the elderly and children.

Hudson says he is ready help Laurel become a thriving city.

"On day one I will be ready to start my theme park," said Hudson. "I am going to have to hire several men, possible 50 to 100 men, to start helping clearing off the lands where I plan on putting a theme park."

"I also plan on getting my administration together and making some changes that desperately need to be made here at City Hall," said Hudson. "I plan on taking care of those first."

Hudson says he plans to repeal several city ordinances. "I plan on repealing the $1.5 million mil increase. I plan on repealing the water increases, sewer increases, garage increases. I also plan on giving each resident their own garbage can and recycling container."

Hudson says he also plans to bring the Boys and Girls Club back to the city. "We desperately need that; our children our falling by the way side. They need that leadership."

Hudson says he also hopes to save the city money by only receiving a yearly salary of $9,999.99 if Social Security officials allow him to keep his monthly income.

"In 1995, I was diagnosed to die, so I came home basically to die. So, they had to put me on social security, so I decided I wasn't going to lay at home and die. My mother didn't raise me to be a bum or anything. She raised her children to work and be productive citizens. If they allow me to keep the social security, I will take the $9,999 as a yearly salary, because right now my disease is in remission. My drugs cost $30,000 a week. So if they say I can stay on social security and take the $9,999; I would prefer to do that. I really do the believe the salaries at City Hall are really too high. "

Hudson will face off against independent candidate Ken Keyes and the Democratic candidate Johnny Magee. 

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