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WDAM Viewpoint- Hurricane tax break

With all the attention turned to tornadoes lately—both at home and in other states including the monster in Oklahoma this week—let's be mindful also that hurricane season officially starts June 1st.  We live in an area that has been ravaged by hurricanes many times over the years and we should know to be prepared.  All too often we wait until the last minute when everything is sold out.  You already know what kind of provisions you need in the way of things such as portable generators, storm shutter devices, portable light sources, and smaller items.  There are list available if you don't know.  In Louisiana they have passed a law that spares those shopping for hurricane-related purchases from paying state sales tax on the first $1500.  We think that is a good idea for Mississippi as well.  It just might encourage people to be more prepared in the event a hurricane comes our way.  We hope the lawmakers will consider it at the first opportunity.  In any event—be sure to be prepared and don't wait until the last minute.  Hurricane season lasts until the fall, so we have several months of vulnerability about to begin. 

I'm Jim Cameron.  Let us hear from you.

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