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600,000 Mississippians risk losing health benefits

Over 600,000 Mississippians on Medicaid are at risk of losing their health benefits if the legislature does not reauthorize Medicaid by July 1st.

House Democratic leader Bobby Moak says Governor Bryant is threatening there will be no special called session to vote on Medicaid reauthorization or expansion. Moak says the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington confirms that federal health funds will be cut to states that don't expand Medicaid. For the Governor to think the law of the land will not be enforced is a fallacy. Moak says all Democrats want is a vote.

Rep. Bobby Moak says, "Lets have a vote on expansion. Allow us the opportunity to express our vote to protect our hospitals throughout this state. Now, they like to say look you Democrats don't have enough votes to pass the expansion measure. Well, to that I say tell me what the vote number is. Look into your crystal ball because I don't know what it is. Put it out there on the floor, lets have a vote, and if we lose we'll vote to reauthorize Medicaid."

Moak says he hopes Governor Bryant will step back from the issue, call a special session, and allow Medicaid expansion to be properly vetted.

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