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Hub City Lofts set to open this summer

Hub City Lofts set to open this summer

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A few Hattiesburg residents got together three Easter Sundays ago and decided to form a plan: They'd take on two of Hattiesburg's historic buildings and create an atmosphere for urban living.

Daniel Jussely and Rob Tatum, owners of Hub City Lofts, say the facilities are for adults who are tired of taking care of the lawn, and college students who have a knack for urban living.

This idea turned into a reality for the owners of Hub City Lofts, who purchased the two buildings located on Front Street.

If you take a walk downtown, you'll hear saws grinding up crown molding and construction workers hammering away at the two buildings in preparation for the opening of the America building on June 1.

"We found two buildings that we thought would be good opportunities to help move downtown forward," Rob Tatum said.

Tatum says he the renovated buildings will bring development and liveliness to downtown Hattiesburg.

Owners say there is an extensive waiting list for those who want to live in a loft, penthouse, or studio apartment.

Prices range between $700 to $1,900.

The America building will offer a hair salon named Wig Bar and a 24-hour gym named The Body Bar. The America building opens June 1, with the Carter building following behind on July 1.

The Wig Bar and the Body Bar will be operated by Adam Myrick and Jason Le'Viere, owners of Click Boutique & Gallery and 12 Oaks Accessory Garden.

Despite buzz about inadequate parking, owners say parking will be more than enough for tenants.

"There are parking lots that we own that are part of these buildings and we have leases on other city spaces, as well as parking garages that are around the area," Tatum said.

The buildings date back to over 100 years.

"The America was built in 1907 and originally housed doctors offices and a pharmacy," Jussely said.

The owners wanted to pay homage to those who resided in the apartments before. In doing so, bright colors that were splashed upon the ceilings by tenants in the ‘70s are there to stay.

The lofts also feature amenities and light fixtures to compliment the old school charm. To reserve a spot on the waiting list, go to or