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WDAM Viewpoint- K-9 officers death

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The Perry County Sheriff's Department needs to get out front and transparent concerning the details surrounding the death of their only K-9 officer who died in the backseat of the car of the deputy assigned to handling him. 

As Seven-On-Your-Side reporter Jeff Daley told us last night,  a Jackson advocacy group—People for Animal Welfare in Mississippi-- already has 22-thousand signatures on a petition calling for the deputy responsible to be fired rather than reassigned as he was after the incident.  Secondly the petition calls for the dog's body to be exhumed and a necropsy be done to determine a cause of death and thirdly that criminal charges for neglect be filed.  According to Mississippi Law, malicious intent would have to be involved in order for neglect charges to by be filed.  According to Daley's report, the department kept the incident under wraps for 3 weeks until confronted about it.   A spokesman for the advocacy group PAWS said they started the petition because the wanted to raise awareness about how Mississippi is perceived when dealing with animal cruelty.  It's bad enough that the K9 officer died…but to keep it covered up and not thoroughly investigated and dealt with shows a lack of responsibility and sensitivity for the public on the part of the sheriff's department in Perry County.  This thing has gone viral around the country and around the world.  It reinforces a poor image of Mississippi that we have been fighting for years.  We hope they will at least determine the cause of death and be more open with the public about the dog's death.  As USM found out when trying to cover up the negligence that led to the death of the Eagle mascot years ago…it's best to come clean to begin with.

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