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How much do you know about snakes?

Lots of people are terrified of snakes because some species are venomous, but many people don't know much about these creatures. It's time for another visit with our intrepid exotic animals expert, Jules Sylvester, and he's got some fascinating facts about slithering serpents.

America's most dangerous rattlesnake is the Mojave green rattle snake.

"The last thing you want to do is start whacking and beating on them," says Sylvester. "First thing he's going to do is defend himself, so he bites you. Anything runs by them. They just react."

Sylvester says you get extreme swelling and a lot of pain.

"Despite what people believe, the rattles have no feeling whatsoever, it's just dried skin," says Sylvester. "And it's designed to basically tell you to go away."

Next Jules points out a baby Mojave rattlesnake.

"He's kind of small. He doesn't even have a rattle big enough to rattle yet. And he can hide under a dollar bill. The trouble is, they look cute," says Sylvester. "They're just as deadly as the mother. The venom is exactly the same. So if you're walking near a rattlesnake and you see it, [. . .] just go away."

Next, the Burmese Everglade Python.

Sylvester says, "In theory, this is actually more dangerous than a rattlesnake. When they're this size, they can actually take you down to the floor in 15 seconds. Squash you flat! Two or three minutes you're brain dead, and that's it!"

Pythons kill by constriction. But a lot of people don't understand that snakes will always bite first.

"They think, 'Oh, he kills by constriction,'" says Sylvester. "Yeah, after he's bitten you! This guy's got about 100 good teeth in that head of his like a Rottweiler bite. They'll lunge, get hold of you, hook you with those teeth, pull you back all in one motion and wrap at the same time. And you don't know it yet, but you're on your way out. It's that fast. You are toast."

You really can't stress this enough—if you come across a snake, keep your cool and just walk away.

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