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Laurel boil water notice has residents concerned

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After the City of Laurel's water supply tested positive for E. coli on Thursday, United Water has tested 105 samples of water for two consecutive days.

“We're very sorry for the inconvenience,” said United Water Project Manager, Randy Dias. “We've brought in extra crews, we're trying to make this go away as fast as we can and as safe as we can."

Due to the bacteria, more than 23,000 residents who get their water from the City of Laurel are still under a boil water notice. While many businesses are closed, others are making sure they have enough bottled water in stock.

“I had a call from the health department early yesterday morning and they wanted to know if we would be able to stay in stock with water,” said Laurel’s Walmart Store Manager, Mark Ellington. “I assured the health department that we would be able to stay in stock with water here at the Laurel Walmart store."

Many residents have been taking the safe route and buying bottled water, but are not too happy about the situation.

“I’m kind of disappointed in it,” said Laurel resident, Gerald Windham. “This is not the first time it's happened, it happens periodically.”

Not only are the residents concerned about their water, but their children as well.

“It makes me worry about my children getting sick,” said Laurel resident, Jackie Dean. “We'll just from now on buy our water out the store.”

According to Laurel City Administrator, Dennis Keveryn, Friday’s water test results came back clear, but under the state's law, the results must be clear for two consecutive days. Saturday’s test results will not be in until Sunday. For now the city is still under a boil water notice.

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