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How to 'survive the skid' in your car

The "skid-car" is an add-on service stunt driver and driving instructor Max Maxwell offers at his Maxwell Driving School.

Maxwell uses it to simulate any kind of road condition: Rain, snow, ice, black ice.

In the case of the most common skid -- the rear-wheel skid -- Maxwell uses the skid-car to teach these tips:

* TURN INTO THE DIRECTION OF THE SKID. If the rear end skids to the right, turn the wheel to the right. "Once you start turning into it, you got to stay with it," said Maxwell. "When you feel it stop and start to come back, then start unwinding that steering wheel."

* LOOK IN THE DIRECTION WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. "Wherever you look, that's where the car is going to go," Maxwell said.

* BOTH FEET "OFF AND OUT." You don't want to either brake or over-accelerate. "You control it by the steering," he said.

If you must brake in icy conditions, Maxwell said in vehicles with anti-lock brakes, brake hard.

In vehicles without anti-lock brakes, provide "rolling friction" by pumping the brake pedal.

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