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How men and women remember locations

A recent Dutch study shows men and women try to remember where they parked in different ways.

The hypothetical couple is in different parking lots in different cars.

As Mr. Hypothetical exits the store he says, "I swear someone moved my car. I mean, I always remember where I parked. It was over there somewhere; about fifty yards away."

Across town, Mrs. Hypothetical says, "I remember I parked by the light pole, but which one?"

The Netherlands study says that is pretty much how men and women recall where their car is.

"I just look for the top, and sometimes it is hard because my color is hard to find sometimes because it's a tan Dodge," Kim Kimble said.

"I try to remember the cars around where I parked. A lot of times I do it by distance, too," James Creech said.

"I do survey the parking lot and get a general idea of where I am. I count the rows of where I may be or something like that," Lee Redwine recalled.

These days, you can make the car remind you.

"That's cheating. They'll mash the button on their key chain and wait for the car to beep and notify them of where it is," Lee pointed out.

Megan Seagroves said, "Normally I remember where it is, but if I don't I honk the horn, or walk around for a while."

Men and women both said they do rely on landmarks.

The study found that women lose track of their car just a little more often than men.

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