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WDAM Viewpoint- Two Commendable Meals

We would like to commend two events in the Hub City that took place this week. Mayor DuPree's Annual Prayer Breakfast featuring pastor and musician Andre Crouch was held despite protests by an Atheist outfit calling themselves The Freedom from Religion Foundation.  Mayor DuPree's told WDAM News that the cost was covered by people buying tables at the event, volunteer workers and his own family.  We are glad the Mayor was not intimidated and think this out of state group needs to mind their own business.  The other event was the annual Small Business Leadership Award Luncheon hosted by William Carey University and the ADP along with sponsorship by other area businesses including WDAM.  The purpose is to recognize a particular small business person and salute the spirit and value of locally owned small businesses to our city.  Tom White, owner of the downtown restaurant 206 Front was this year's recipient.  Religion and entrepreneurship may be out of fashion in some places…but not in the Pine Belt and we are proud of both of these important recognitions.  I'm Jim Cameron.  Write and let us know what you think.

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