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WDAM Viewpoint- Prom Safety

Even though the Prom Season is drawing to a close…there are still quite a few to be had.  On a recent weekend, my wife and I were leaving an upscale restaurant here in town where a group of formally dressed young people were having a get-t0gether up stairs.  The girls were beautiful in their dresses and the guys cut a dashing figure in their formal wear.  I was reflecting on the exhilaration of youth as we wound our way through a group of couples taking pictures when I overheard one of them say something to the effect, "Say isn't that the old guy from the TV station."  My wife and I got a chuckle out of that…after all it is true.  But these white hairs don't mean that I don't remember the fun and exuberance of prom night.  I also remember all too well that in that party state of mind it is all too easy to through caution to the wind and safety out the window in amidst the revelry of a special night and the energy of youth.  You know what you shouldn't do.  For example don't drink and drive.  Don't text and drive.  And I hope your parents have done a good job warning you about other types of risky behavior that can change your lives forever.  Have fun…but keep your head and be careful. 

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