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Dollar Tree responds after Richmond family finds worm in food


It is not the thing you want to find when you go to prepare a meal: a worm inside your food!

A Richmond family called 12. They say that is exactly what happened to them. They found a worm in their frozen broccoli.

"What did you think when you saw it?" we asked the grandmother.

"I couldn't imagine!" she exclaimed.

She immediately called her grandson to show him her findings. She was preparing the meal for her grandchildren 7 year old Chyna and her 5 year old brother.

"What did you make of that?" we asked Chyna.

"I thought it was nasty," she replied.

"The complaint may be founded or unfounded," said Elaine Lidholm with the Virginia Department of Agriculture. "But we will go and check it out."

We got our hands on the receipt. The family says they bought the broccoli from the Dollar Tree store location off Bell Creek Road in Mechanicsville.

We went straight to the store. The manager had no comment, but he did give us the corporate number. We called the number and were instructed to send an email. We followed instructions and got a response three minutes before air.

"The safety of our customers is of the utmost importance to Dollar Tree," said Timothy Reid who is Vice President of Investor Relations. "This is the only complaint we have had with this product. We are investigating this with the supplier."

Reid followed up with NBC12 the next morning saying, "Out of an abundance of caution we are removing the product from our shelves while we conduct the investigation."

We also couldn't help noticing there was no expiration date on the broccoli packaging.

"It's not like that product knows it was midnight now it's 12:01," said Lidholm. "I've gone bad!"

Lidholm notes it is not illegal for stores to sell most expired goods.

"Stores can sell things that have essentially expired," said Lidholm. "Unless it's Grade A dairy products or infant formula...everything else is voluntary...even meat."

Still Elaine will likely send out a food inspector to review things for themselves. If you find something suspicious in your food you can contact the department of agriculture at 804-786-3502.

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