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Bryant takes strong stance to block gun control

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Governor Phil Bryant visited Columbia Friday to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Citizens Bank. 

The Governor touched on the states' stance to block any federal gun control measures imposed upon Mississippi.

With recent measures to open the gun debate in Washington, the Governor has maintained a strong stance against gun control legislation. 

Recently Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker voted in favor of allowing debate of the second amendment in the senate, a vote many Mississippians have condemned. 

 Increased gun control is an issue Governor Bryant says he'll fight.

Bryant said, "We will resist controlling our second amendment rights, or doing away with them as I think the Obama administration would like to do with all legal means. Those of us that are hunters, those of us that are gun owners understand that criminals will not obey new laws. You can pass as many new laws as you want to, criminals by nature do not follow the law. So, you're only going to punish the honest gun owner. We're going to try all we can to protect the second amendment rights for every honest gun owning Mississippian."

Several states in the union have from within recently adopted strict gun control measures.  The Governor says Mississippi will not be on of those states.

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