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Hattiesburg residents hear proposals on Land Application

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Hattiesburg residents gathered Thursday evening to hear presentations on the land application method of sewage treatment and more importantly a viable option for getting rid of the downtown stink.

The public forum hosted by the City Council outlined land application as a solution to the current lagoon system which Hattiesburg has outgrown. Land application involves piping treated waste up to 10 miles away to fertilize timberlands. Council members are split between this method or building a mechanical system for sewage treatment.

Dr. Wade Nutter, PhD., with Nutter & Associates says, "I think that it's a difficult decision for the city. My personal opinion is that this is a viable option for Hattiesburg. The costs maybe similar, we don't know what the total costs are, but you can be pretty much assured that cost won't be more than a mechanical treatment plant."

Ronnie Blackwell with Clearpoint Engineering Consultants says, "Our immediate plan is to make an impact on the odor issue which would include removing the industrial waste as much as we can from the south side of the lagoon. It involves more than just one industry."

Residents had over an hour's worth of questions after the presentation and many seemed split on their preferred sewage treatment option. Council members say a presentation on the mechanical method is coming up soon.

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